English language

At the core of our kindergarten’s educational principles and concepts is that children learn through play and meaningful social interaction in a natural environment. This is particularly true with languages. By creating a positive learning atmosphere, and providing daily exposure to both Hungarian and English, the children not only learn a second language, but how to use it in different situations, and , as a result, will speak the second language more confidently.

As children start to learn a foreign language through communication, and not through formal classroom lectures, a native English environment is created and stimulates further language learning and development. More and more parents are opting to enroll their children into these types of kindergartens because they realize how important it is for their children to learning a second language at an early age.

At Fairytale Kindergarten, we first emphasize expanding the children’s vocabulary and overall comprehension, and later their ability to express themselves effectively.

Our education is communication-focused – focusing on teaching the words they use in daily life.

We have children from different countries, speaking different languages. This helps everyone to learn how to accept other cultures, how to approach different national characteristics and how to respect one another.

Our education program is designed to be respectful to both the Hungarian, and the international community’s culture and holidays.